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Title: OWU transportation and shenanigans

Nick chilkov, emial:

Zach Frentsos, email: zcfrents

Question: How can we encourage alternative modes of transportation (i.e. walk, bike) to OWU students, faculty and Delaware community. Raising questions about personal health and contributing to a greener environment.

Data: How people get from place to place and with what mode of transportation.Time it takes. Calories burned. Effect on environment for example CO2 admissions from cars and how much gas is used in the process.

Analyzing/showing data:We will collect data, use excel to organize it and run analysis against different data and use graphs to analyze and gain a better understanding of our findings.

Goal: To encourage those who drive to walk/bike. Increase knowledge about alternate transportation. Healthier living.

Time line: Few weeks of actively collecting data, (calories, time, modes of transportation, ect.) Then, beginning to analyze data, sort it out, use excel to organize/graph data.Put it into action, apply to green map.

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